NC Players Highlights at Josh Level Classic

Our own Jacey Zembal from Rivals was in attendance this past weekend at the Josh Level Classic.
He was able to obtain and video tape several in-state players, as they showed off in front of several fans in Greensboro Friday night.
Check out below of each player that participated in the event by clicking on the link below the name.
James Demery Jr.
James Demery Highlights
Keyshawn Woods
Keyshawn Woods Highlights
DeShaunte Carelock
DeShaunte Carelock Highlights
Donovan Gilmore
Donovan Gilmore Highlights
Diondre Overton
Diondre Overton Highlights
Alec Wnuk
Alec Wnuk Highlights
JaQuel Richmond
JaQuel Richmond Highlights
Kanayo Obi-Rapu
Kanayo Obi-Rapu Highlights
Ikenna Smart
Ikenna Smart Highlights
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Highlights
Shelton Mitchell
Shelton Mitchell Highlights
Theo Pinson
Theo Pinson Highlights