NC Top 80 - May 29th

Another exclusive event will be taking place this weekend, as Phenom Hoops will be hosting the North Carolina Top 80, inviting several of the top prospects in the state of NC. Here is what is listed by Phenom Hoop Report per their website.
The Phenom Hoop Report will host the inaugural North Carolina TOP 80, March 29, 2014 at Proehlific Park in Greensboro, North Carolina. This event will be "invitation" only. The Phenom Hoop Report staff of Rick Lewis, Jamie Shaw, and Justin Byerly will hand select the TOP 80 players in the state regardless of class.
8-8:30am Registration
8:30-8:45am Introduction
8:45-9:15am Warm Ups
9:20-10:20am Stations
10:30-10:45am Camp Speech
10:45-2:05pm Games
2:05-2:30pm Camp Speech
2:30-4:10pm Games
4:10-4:30pm Closing and Awards
Roster of players who should be in attendance Saturday in Greensboro