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Player Focus: 2015 Kobey Rudisill - Hendersonville

Player: Kobey Rudisill
Class: 2015
Height: 5'11
Weight: 200
Position: ATH
School: Hendersonville
Get to Know the Player
How would you describe yourself as a player on the field? Physically, mentally, etc.
- I would describe myself as a player who isn't the biggest or the fastest on the field, but I make that up with an excellent mental aspect of the game and what is about to happen, I always have a quote I use a lot, "be the smartest guy on the field every play, and you will succeed"
And which player do you model your game after or who would best describe you?
- I would probably describe my offensive game with a little bit of Russell Wilson and Stedman Bailey, on the defensive side I think a person that I model after a lot is Von Miller.
How has your recruitment gone overall in your eyes?
- It's been a good process, I love talking to multiple coaches and their staff and visiting the different type of stadiums and facilities.
What offers do you currently hold from schools?
- I don't have any offers as of now
Which schools are showing you the most interest?
- Bluefield College, Stetson University, and Rhodes College
Have you planned any visits in the future?
- Yes I have to Bluefield, UNCC, NCCU
Could you describe some of the schools you have been to and your thoughts on them?
- I went to Charlotte not too long ago and I loved it, from working with Coach Curry and getting to meet and greet with Coach Lambert was a fun experience, the campus and facilities are amazing.
Football wise, what are you looking for in a school?
- A school that offers an opportunity for me to play, a school that has the right coaching staff and that I feel most comfortable in.
What have you been working on during the off season?
- My speed and my strength, I've always lacked speed but I dropped my 40 time down from a 5.12 to a 4.83 and it's getting lower, I've became a much stronger and physical athlete since the offseason started.
What are your strengths & weakness on the field?
- On the field my strengths would be the ability to make a tackle anywhere on the field, and the ability to make plays when they are needed, and I'm very well at defending against the pass, weaknesses are filling the gaps on Iso's and my routes on offense.
What do you think you could provide on the field to a college team looking at you?
- I could provide a college team a player that has a non-stop motor, a guy that will be the first one in and the last one to leave, a guy that is a leader on and off the field.
Any goals you would like to achieve before you graduate high school?
- Become All-State and play in the East-West All Star Game
How did this past season go in your own opinion for both yourself and for your team?
- For myself it went well, I won the starting linebacker job at the beginning of the season, and then I got injured so I missed most of the rest of the season, for our team we didn't do as well as we thought we would be, but now we're working hard to fix that.
2013 Stats:
19 rushing yards
47 total tackles (4 solo tackles, 42 assists)
Kobey Rudisill Highlights