Player Focus: 2015 Noah Tomlin - North Iredell

Player: Noah Tomlin
Class: 2015
Height: 6'0
Weight: 240
Position: DL/OL
School: North Iredell High School
Get to Know the Player
How would you describe yourself as a player on the field? Physically, mentally, etc.
- I would love to be the most physical person on the field, one that just always gets after it. Mentally, these past couple of years I've always helped my linebackers call the plays and help set up my defensive line where we should be.
And which player do you model your game after or who would best describe you?
- I really like JJ Watt; he's just always getting after it and never gives excuses and works harder than anyone else.
How has your recruitment gone overall in your eyes?
- I've got several looks on the Division III level, with some great schools. But I'm looking to expand out a little more on the Division II level.
What offers do you currently hold from schools?
- None
Which schools are showing you the most interest?
- I've talked with Emory and Henry a lot, Lenoir Rhyne, Randolph-Malcon, Shenendoah, Methodist and NC Wesleyan.
Have you planned any visits in the future?
- I've already planned to go to a home game at each of these schools above.
Could you describe some of the schools you have been to and your thoughts on them?
- I've only visited Emory and Henry so far. It's really a nice place; very small, but overall really good college.
Football wise, what are you looking for in a school?
- It's always just been a dream to play at the next level and I would really be happy to go anywhere.
What have you been working on during the off season?
- I've been working on getting stronger, cut some weight and added some muscle, while also working on my speed as I was clocked at a 4.9 towards the end of summer.
What are your strengths & weakness on the field?
- A strength to my game is definitely my awareness and mental part of the game and I've got really good speed for a linemen. My weakness would probably be my strength as I'm not as strong as I should be but I'm getting there.
What do you think you could provide on the field to a college team looking at you?
- Good speed, good mental part of the game, and overall just sacrificing myself for whatever the team needs.
Any goals you would like to achieve before you graduate high school?
- Would definitely like to finish my last two semesters of high school with straight A's.
How did this past season go in your own opinion for both yourself and for your team?
- It was another good year for me but at the end of the day it's always about the team and that's what I focus on. We finished one game short of the playoffs, so definitely working hard to make sure that doesn't happen this year.
Stats: 57 tackles, 16 tackles for a loss, 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery.