Player Focus: 2015 Xzavier Caple - QB - Harding

Player: Xzavier Caple
Class: 2015
Height: 6'0
Weight: 189
Position: Quarterback
School: Harding University High
Get to Know the Player
How would you describe yourself as a player on the field and which player do you model your game after?
I would say I model my game after Cam Newton because I'm a Dual Threat QB, Very coachable and at the same time I love to have fun while playing the game.
How has your recruitment gone overall in your eyes?
I'm not satisfied yet. I feel I am capable of going out and showing the work that will get me a little more recognized and maybe earn some relationships with some coaches.
What offers do you currently hold from schools?
I have been introduced to a few colleges but have yet to receive my first offer.
Have you planned any visits in the future?
I haven't personally planned any trips or went to any schools yet but I know my coaches have some planned for me.
What have you been working on during the off season?
During the offseason I've been maintaining good grades, working on increasing my speed, throwing the deep ball with better accuracy, focusing on putting it on the outside shoulder to where only my receiver can get it and just keeping a leveled head so I can lead my team and be able to do my job on and off the field.
What do you think you could provide on the field to a college team looking at you?
I would bring hard work and dedication to a team as well as a huge heart. I can say that I am a very cool person and people hardly ever have problems being around me, so I would bring a nice, comfortable environment to the team as well as the aggression to win every night out.
Any goals you would like to achieve before you graduate high school?
As a senior, I want to leave my school and still be thought of and remembered. I want to leave my legacy and be recognized as a good football player.
I only have two goals I would like to achieve before I graduate. I want to sign to a college for football in front of all the people who helped me make it and cheered as they watched me play.
Secondly, I want to put my school on the map and bring back some pride to Harding Football, so that they won't get looked down upon. I'm not a player that only thinks of myself; I want the best for everyone.
How did this past season go in your own opinion for both yourself and for your team?
Last season was an improvement from my sophomore year for me and my team. I had a better understanding of the game, which allowed me to increase my numbers.
I look at it as every year its progress and nothing but progress. For my team it was a better year. The school I'm at usually does get a lot if supports due to previous history of not so good records so many people don't see our school as a school that has talent or ability, when really we have several talented athletes.
Harding's Xzavier Caple QB #2 Junior Highlights