Player Focus: LB Justin McMillon - West Forsyth

Player: Justin McMillon
Class: 2015
Height: 5'11
Weight: 205
Position: Inside Linebacker
School: West Forsyth High School
Get to Know the Player
How would you describe yourself as a player on the field? Physically, mentally, etc.
On the field I am a competitive player that gives maximum effort and determination.
And which player do you model your game after or who would best describe you?
I model myself after London Fletcher (Washington Redskins)
How has your recruitment gone overall in your eyes?
My recruitment so far has gone slow so far.
What offers do you currently hold from schools?
I currently hold no offers from schools.
Which schools are showing you the most interest?
No schools are showing interest in me as of right now.
Have you planned any visits in the future?
Yes I have planned visits to colleges over the summer. Right now, I have Georgia State, Catawba, East Carolina, Coastal Carolina, Memphis, Middle Tennessee State, and Old Dominion as places I have planned to visit over the summer.
Could you describe some of the schools you have been to and your thoughts on them?
No, I can't describe schools that I have been to.
Football wise, what are you looking for in a school?
In a school, I am looking for a competitive atmosphere and a school known for their academics.
What have you been working on during the off season?
During the offseason, I have been working on my strength, speed, conditioning, and agility.
What are your strengths & weakness on the field?
My strengths on the field are locating and attacking the ball. My weakness is over pursuing the ball sometimes.
What do you think you could provide on the field to a collage team looking at you?
I can provide leadership, intensity, a winning attitude, and my willingness to be coached.
Any goals you would like to achieve before you graduate high school?
A goal I would like to achieve before I graduate is to win a state championship.
How did this past season go in your own opinion for both yourself and for your team?
This past season went well. I look at it as a benchmark. There is always room for improvement though.
70+ tackles. 3 interceptions, 1 forced fumble, Won CPC, All Conference Middle Linebacker, 3rd round state playoffs.
Justin McMillon's Junior Highlights