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Top NC High School Football Coaching Records

Top NC High School Football Coaching Records
Each school in the NCHSAA is required to complete a School Information Sheet, and this document contains a lot of facts and figures about each of the NCHSAA’s 350 member schools. This information is used in a variety of ways, including sports mailings, entries in the NCHSAA Directory, and the listing of coaches’ career records.
Association intern Daniel Kluttz, a UNC student from West Rowan, did an outstanding job going through the information sheets, compiling these lists. The following list is not intended to be comprehensive or complete, but is based on information submitted by schools that returned that portion of the School Information Sheets.
The NCHSAA has taken care to make this list as accurate as possible. These records are for active coaches only, and if a coach at your school or in your area is not listed, it is probably because the records were not included on the form.
This has become sort of an annual tradition in the NCHSAA Bulletin. They appreciate all those schools which take the time to submit the information, and they appreciate the efforts of the interns that do the research.
They are glad to recognize these outstanding teachers and coaches from across the state of North Carolina.
In some cases, the NCHSAA did not receive updated figures for these coaches so listed are the last available figures they received.
1. Bob Paroli – Douglas Byrd – (336-150-11) – 45
2. Jack Holley – Wallace-Rose Hill – (328-79-11) – 36
3. Tom Brown – Maiden – (302-100-7) – 35
4. Gary Whitman – Lexington – (261-111-1) – 32
5. Bruce Hardin – Providence – (245-73-0) – 26
6. Jim Brett – Northern Nash – (241-106-0) – 27
7. David Gentry – Murphy – (239-125-0) – 32
8. Wilbur Sasser – Havelock – (222-89-2) – N/A
9. Jerry Cash – East Rutherford – (221-143-0) – 32
10. Jim Oddo – Charlotte Catholic – (220-121-2) – 31
If there are additions or corrections, please let the NCHSAA know because they want it to be as accurate as possible.